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Week 6

W/C 27th April


We are in week 6! Parents/carers you’ve got this!

We have more fun and exciting home learning activities this week.



This week is all about finding half (1/2) and a quarter (1/4)


Take a look at Summer Term Week 2 on Whiterose Maths Home Learning.

For each lesson, there is a video to watch and an activity to do.

You do not need to print the activities.

You can either complete the answers in your home learning book or you can just tell an adult your answers.


Log onto your MyMaths tasks.



Read your favourite book to your parents, teddies, or siblings.

Can you create your own story map, with the beginning, middle and end, for the story?

Take a look at an example of the Owl Babies story map below to remind you how to complete one.



Go on Phonics Play and practise some phase 5 phonics.


Learn the phoneme ‘ph’ as in dolphin.

Segment and blend ‘ph’ words (phone, alphabet, phew, photo).


Parents: Dictate this sentence for your child to write:


I took a photo of a dolphin.


Parents: Encourage your child to read this sentence:


The alphabet is on my phone.


Challenge!! Can you think of your own ‘ph' sentence to write?


Alternatively, you can join in with the lesson below from the 27th April.



Practice spelling the following common exception words:

Today, school, house, friend, said

Can you put them into a sentence?




Talk4Writing have produced some lovely home learning materials, with lots of great reading and writing activities.

Read the story of Sidney Spider (see the link below) with a grown-up and talk about the story together.

Then complete the following tasks:


Task 1

Can you work out who said what?


Task 2

Complete the following quiz

1. Where did Sidney live at the start of the story?

2. Why was Sidney a special spider?

3. Why didn’t the other spiders like Sidney?

4. What song did Mrs Brown like to sing?

5. Why did Sidney shiver with fear?

6. Why do you think Mrs Brown rushed out of the shed?

7. What made Sidney happy at the end of the story? How do you know?



If you have not already done so please make a birthday card for Captain Tom’s 100th Birthday. You can find all the details on week 5.

**Don’t forget to email a photograph to us so we all see your wonderful cards!**



Learn a new song - ‘You are my Sunshine’

Can you make up some actions? Perhaps you could record yourself singing the song and email it to us.



In school this week we will be making a bee house and bird kebabs (no not kebabs made from birds FOR the birds! J) to go in the wildlife area. Why don’t you make some for your garden?

They are so easy to make and lots of fun!

See the instructions below.


**Don't forget to send us pictures with 'YR1 home learning' in the subject to**

Have fun and stay safe!

Mrs Hancock and Miss Mumby