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Week 8

W/C 11th May

What a fantastic VE bank holiday weekend we had, the pictures looked amazing! Well Done!

We have more fun and exciting home learning activities this week.




Whiterose Home Learning Summer Term Week 4 - watch the videos online and then complete the activities below.


Lesson 1 Add by making 10

Lesson 2 Subtraction - crossing 10 

Lesson 3 Subtraction - crossing 10 

Lesson 4 Compare number sentences 



Log on to your MyMaths tasks. If you complete the tasks, you can explore the site.


Don't forget to log on to NumBots to play some games.


If you have lost your logins, please phone school.



The Oak National Academy has produced some fantastic English lessons to support your home learning. 

 This series of lessons is based on a story called 'Sam's Sandwich'.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5



There is some phonics at the start of the English lessons, but you can also try these:


Phonics Games 

Choose phase 4 or 5 (2 or 3 if your child is less confident).

Choose phase 4 or 5 (2 or 3 if your child is less confident).



Practise spelling the following words:

zero one two three four five

Can you put them into a sentence?



Sam put lots of mini beasts in his sandwich. Eww!!

Can you find any mini-beasts in your garden or during your walk?

You could draw them, label them, describe them, make a model of them and find out lots of interesting facts about them. 



On Monday the 13th April Sikhs celebrate the festival of Vaisakhi, sometimes spelt and pronounced Baisakhi.


Every year there is a Vaisakhi parade in Leeds that comes up the Headrow and then gathers in Millennium Square (not this year). The Guru Granth Sahib is their holy book, and they treat it like a person. It rides on a lorry.


The CBeebies one has some facts and three different videos: 

Preparing for Vaisakhi


Celebrating Vaisakhi


The Vaisakhi story


The My First Festival one is well worth watching to learn about Sikhism.


Why don't you either:

Make, draw or paint the Nishan Sahib  

The Nishan Sahib is a Sikh triangular flag made of cotton or silk cloth, with a tassel at its end.



Make a paper doll and dress it up in a Sikh outfit, including a turban.


Make a story board retelling the Vaiskahi story


Design a menu for the special meal - (Langhar meal)



**Don't forget to send us pictures with 'YR1 home learning' in the subject to**


Have fun and stay safe!

Mrs Hancock and Miss Mumby