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Week 9

W/C 18th May


It has been lovely to see  all the fantastic home learning you have all been doing, we are so impressed!



This week we are revisiting length, height and weight.


Whiterose Home Learning Summer Term Week 5 - watch the videos online and then complete the activities below.


Tutorial videos



Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4


Log onto your MyMaths tasks.



Revision of split digraphs a_e, e_e, i_e.

Can you say all of the sounds?

Put Sound buttons under all of these words to help you read them.



Encourage your child to read this sentence:

Pirate Pete likes to pile treasure on a plate.


Dictate these for your children to write

I like eating chocolate. I like to play games.

Add the conjunction ‘and’ to make into one sentence


Alternatively, you can join in with the lessons below



Practice spelling the following words:

oh, their, people, there, Monday

Can you put them into a sentence?



We are continuing to use activities from Talk4writing.

Read the story Pippety Skycap - A tale of mischief! on page 3

or if you prefer you can listen to it here

then complete the 2 tasks below.


Task 1

Quiz Time

The special challenge is to see if you can answer in sentences.


1.Where does Pippety Skycap live?

Pippety Skycap lives …

2. What does Pippety love to do?

3. What is his favourite thing to do?

4. What happened to the troll?

5. What happened to the cat?

6. What happened to the old toad?

7. What did the King Toad do to Pippety?

8. Do you think Pippety will be a good pixie from now on?

How do you know?


Task 2




Listening to music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function.

What better way to get our brain and body in gear for learning?


This song is great for general alertness and is good fun to sing!



Can you stamp your feet, pat your tummy and rub your head at the appropriate moment in time to the music, and then keep them all going at the same time?

Don’t forget to keep singing while you do this!



What ‘body rhythm’ of your own can everyone think of to accompany the song?

There’s a whole host of things you could do, from hand-rubbing to cheek-popping.



Your friends and family will definitely enjoy watching a video of your performance of this song, complete with actions!

We would love to see it too!


Food technology


This week we are making a healthy sandwich.

It could be for you or someone in your family.



Design - Think about what you would like to put in your sandwich, you might need to talk to your adult to check what is available.


What sort of bread will you use?  Do you want any spread?  What fillings could you use?  Do you like salad in your sandwich?


Draw and label a diagram to show your sandwich design.


Make - make and eat your sandwich.

Write a set of instructions of how you made your sandwich? (remember instructions need a title, introduction, what you will need, what to do).


Evaluate - What did you like/dislike?

What would you do differently next time


**Don't forget to send us pictures with 'YR1 home learning' in the subject to**


Have fun and stay safe!

Mrs Hancock and Miss Mumby